The round ball end enables the Whippet to pass into the flue with ease.
The same centre can be used with all 3 strand thickness and differing diameters.

Use with just a single ball when access is severely restricted.

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The Whippet has a 1/2″ BSW thread ideal for fitting straight on to our nylon Flexi Rod. Or use with a suitable 1/2″ BSW adapter to fit other manufacturers power sweeping rods.

The strands can be easily and quickly changed either for replacement, change of thickness or diameter, as the same centre can be used for all thicknesses and diameters.

Diameters other than those listed are available on request – please contact us.

Replacement strands are listed above, please contact us if you can’t see exactly what you need.

A power drill adapter, deep socket and hand sleeve will be required if using with our Nylon Flexi Rods and are listed as Power Sweeping Accessories.

Additional information

Diameter and strand thickness

12" x 2mm, 12" x 4mm, 12" x 6mm, 16" x 2mm, 16" x 4mm, 16" x 6mm, 24" x 2mm, 24" x 4mm, 24" x 6mm, Replacement 2mm strands 12" long, Replacement 2mm strands 16" long, Replacement 2mm strands 24" long, Replacement 4mm strands 12" long, Replacement 4mm strands 16" long, Replacement 4mm strands 24" long, Replacement 6mm strands 12" long, Replacement 6mm strands 16" long, Replacement 6mm strands 24" long, Power sweeping accessories


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