Rod Chisel / Bolster

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Chisel / Bolster, use for breaking up heavy deposits or clearing obstructions when fitting a liner.



The chisel has a blade width of approximately 19mm and the bolster a blade width of approximately 75mm.

The bolster can be particularly useful in a square chimney as you can detect when the blade is flat against the wall.

Choose the fitting to suit your rod type, Universal, Lockfast or if using button lock rods, order the 1/2″ Whitworth thread version to use in conjunction with a 1/2″ Whitworth adaptor from your button lock rod manufacturer.

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Chisel Universal, Chisel Lockfast, Bolster Universal, Bolster Lockfast, Chisel 1/2" Whitworth, Bolster 1/2" Whitworth

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  1. Chim-Me -Sweep

    Tamar made me a wider bolster for removing debris, the theory being that when you reached the blockage by releasing the rods the bolster always lays flat, it is easier to use and clears a larger area, the only recommendation I would make is to reinforce the lead rod with either a jubilee clip or heavy tape. Robert at

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