Birds Nest Remover


Tamar single and double pronged conventional Nest Hooks or a Rotary Nest Remover if you prefer spinning.



The conventional Nest Hooks are supplied with a ball end and rod adaptor

The Rotary Nest Remover has a 1/2″ Whitworth thread ideal for fitting straight on to our nylon Flexi Rod. If using locking rods the Rotatary Nest Remover can be spun both ways by using your rod manufacturers 1/2″ BSW adapter. Some of these can be found under ‘Accessories’.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Single pronged Universal, Single pronged Lockfast, Double pronged Universal, Double pronged Lockfast, Single pronged to fit Rodtech Click, Single pronged to fit Rodtech Buttonlock, Single pronged to fit Snaplock, Double pronged to fit Rodtech Buttonlock, Double pronged to fit Rodtech Click, Double pronged to fit Snaplock, Rotary Nest Remover, Replacement strands for Rotary Nest Remover


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