Brushes for square ventillation ducting


The brushes have two different diameters bristle with the smaller diameter helping keep the brush central in the shaft while the wider diameter bristle sweeps into the corner.



Brushes have copper wire included within the bristle to aid dissipation of any static build up.

Made with nylon bristle to give extended life.

Fitted with 3/8″ Rebar shaft or 1/2″ Whitworth thread as standard for connecting to your rotary system.

Alternative fixings and bespoke sizes available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Additional information


125mm dia. Rebar shaft, 200mm dia. Rebar shaft, 300mm dia. Rebar shaft, 450mm dia. Rebar shaft, 600mm dia. Rebar shaft, 125mm dia.1/2" Whitworth thread, 200mm dia.1/2" Whitworth thread, 300mm dia.1/2" Whitworth thread, 450mm dia.1/2" Whitworth thread, 600mm dia.1/2" Whitworth thread


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